healthy bowl recipe by kristen coffield of the culinary cure

Buddha Bowl Master Recipe

Course Entree, Salad
Keyword bowl


  • Greens: Use baby spinach arugula, spring mix, or salad of choice
  • Grains: Use cooked farrow quinoa, amaranth or grain of choice
  • Protein: Use 1/2 cup organic tofu hard boiled egg, avocado, organic poultry, or wild seafood
  • Colorful Vegetables: Use lots of sliced and diced colorful vegetables
  • Dressing: Use your favorite dressing made with heart healthy fats.* My avocado dressing or basic vinaigrette are both delicious.
  • Toppers: Toasted nuts and seeds


  1. Choose a bowl big enough to hold your ingredients.
  2. Place a layer of greens in the bottom of your bowl.
  3. Add colorful vegetables, grains and protein.
  4. Top with your favorite dressing and sprinkle with nuts or seeds.
  5. Enjoy!