Grilled Pineapple A La Mode

Grilled Pineapple A La Mode

There is so much to love about grilled pineapple. It can be an interesting side for grilled seafood or pork, makes breakfast more fun, or it can be the star of a fabulous dessert.
Course Dessert
Keyword dessert, ice cream, pineapple
Servings 6


  • 1 3-4 lb fresh pineapple
  • non-stick cooking spray or butter
  • Coconut milk vanilla ice cream or sorbet
  • Toasted coconut


  1. Cut top and bottom off of pineapple, remove skin and slice crosswise into 6 1” rings.
  2. Spray grill pan, or a clean outdoor grill, with non stick spray and heat until grill is medium hot. You can also just use a saute pan with butter or non stick spray
  3. Grill pineapple in batches cooking rings 2-3 minutes a side until grill marks are nicely browned, or pineapple slices are golden.
  4. Put 1 grilled pineapple ring on each plate and top with a scoop of coconut milk vanilla ice cream and a sprinkle of toasted coconut and toasted almond slivers.