Our granddaughter’s first birthday celebration, Vivi de Mayo, was hugely successful.

The day was gorgeous, the birthday girl was in good spirits, and there was a special cake for smashing and photos.

All of this got me thinking about the trouble with birthday cake. The sneaky toxin making its way into baked goods, processed foods, and restaurant meals and how this ingredient is ruining our health.

The Trouble with Birthday Cake

The culprit is seed oils which are worse than sugar when it comes to wellness. Canola, Crisco, grape seed, rape seed, sunflower, safflower, corn, vegetable, soybean, rice bran, and peanut oils create out-of-control inflammation in our bodies and brains.

The most significant change to the human diet in history was the introduction of these industrially processed seed oils. Before 1866, the Western world mostly consumed animal fats like tallow, suet, lard, and butter. Eastern societies used cold-pressed fats like coconut and palm oil. The vegetable oils we use today simply didn’t exist.

Seed Oils Are Worse For Us Than Sugar 

Most nutritional experts blame the chronic disease epidemic on the increase in sugar consumption, but the role of sugar is relatively minor compared to the impact of seed oils. The consumption of seed oils has increased 25-fold in the past 150 years, more than the amount of sugar consumed. These oils leave a trail of dangerous inflammation in our bodies contributing to obesity, neurological decline, cancer, and diabetes.

Take these steps to eliminate seed oils and bulletproof your health from chronic degenerative diseases.

  1. Go into your kitchen cabinet and discard all “vegetable” oils and oils on the list above. I have a Healthy Oil cheat sheet you can download here.
  2. Stop buying cheap avocado and olive oil because they can be adulterated with cheap seed oils. California Olive Ranch makes an excellent 100% California cold-pressed olive oil loaded with polyphenols and other good stuff. Spend your money to buy nutrients for health benefits.
  3. Cook with ghee, butter, and good-quality avocado and olive oils. Avoid processed foods. Minimize eating in restaurants, as nearly all use massive amounts of seed oils in their cooking, sauces and dressings.
  4. Do a complete Kitchen Intervention. I created an easy-to-follow program to help you get the crap out of your kitchen so you can quickly and easily make healthy, delicious meals. I show you how in videos and give you lists of what to keep and what to toss. 

So, back to the birthday cake. Like everything else, it comes down to quality. If you want a piece of cake or a goody, make sure it’s worth it, made with real butter, and don’t overdo it.

I would love to teach you how to use your habits with food and eating to help you feel amazing and get the body you deserve. There are lots of ways we can work together take a look.

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