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I teach people how to harness the power of food and habit, take control of the controllable, and live healthier, happier lives through my nutritional coaching, 21 Day Detox for women (and men), and more.

Teaching the power of a plant-based diet for enhanced wellness and disease prevention; and creating powerful culinary habits to profoundly influence resilient wellness. The Culinary Cure™ Consultation and The Culinary Cure™ Couples Consultation are my most effective programs for addressing the root cause of peoples frustrations with shopping, cooking and eating healthier. It is a process that reboots the kitchen to be a powerful partner in wellness transformation, eliminating useless habits and mindsets around food and cooking, and creating new health-supporting ones. I also offer a  Detox for Women and Men and my signature program, The Culinary Cure™ Master Class. If you are shopping on Amazon be sure to add a copy of my book: How Healthy People Eat: An Eater’s Guide to Healthy Habits.

The 21 day detox went well for me overall – a couple of breakdowns with a martini or two and a Zac Brown concert in the mix, but all in all I will say it proved very beneficial for me in that my cravings have gone and I love how much water I drink everyday and how even after a Zac Brown concert and maybe one vodka over the line, I was not craving carbs to get me back on track but water. I will tell you the hardest part to relinquish was coffee ( I love my first and only cup of coffee ) everday. However I have not gone back to that habit and will try to only have that cup on Saturdays and Sundays. I feel better, more focused, and more careful about what goes on the end of my fork. I am incorporating more walking daily, ie, 10,000 steps and strength train 3 days a week. I am far away from perfect but I am less flawed than I was 20 some odd days ago.
Thank you.

Marie H.

Hi Kristen! Have already lost 2 lbs, which wasn’t even a goal.  But I feel good, notice a difference in my skin and in my sleep as well. Thanks for keeping us going.  Looking forward to our next call.
Claire Schwab, A.S.I.D.

In the fall of 2021, I participated in Kristen Coffield’s 21 Day Detox and Reset.

Before the program, I was feeling tired and was dealing with a ton of inflammation.

Kristen’s program really helped me to look closely at what I was ingesting in regards to food and drinks.

It also taught me that I truly have control over what I put in my body.

She has tons of tips and techniques as well as gorgeous tasty recipes for the whole family.

This 21 Days was a game changer for me and I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking to change their relationship with food. I gained a ton of energy, lost weight and felt much more confident in clothes.

Kristen also has many suggestions on how to maintain the program following the 21 day period.

Don’t hesitate  – participate in this program!

Laurie Parente

Good morning!  great emails from you.  loving the program.   Lost 3 lbs last week!!!  (not that losing weight was a goal, but I can’t help but think of inflammation!)
I’m really enjoying this and thank you for leading us to better health.
Claire Schwab

Hi Kristen!

I’m so excited that “How Healthy People Eat” arrived today! I can totally relate to trying to keep my kiddos away from Hot Pockets and snd Slurpees!

Flipping through the book, I already know I’ll be ordering 5 more copies for each of my kiddos!

Kudos to you for putting all this valuable info into one tiny, powerful book!

I’m so grateful to have met you and look forward to a wonderful friendship!

Lisa Schmitz

I did this (the detox) last year and it was transformational. I had been under alot of prolonged emotional stress. My digestions was terrible, I felt inflamed, exhausted and anxious. I stuck to Kristen’s plan and honestly felt amazing afterwards. She is so right about forming new HABITS and ditching old. That was the key for me and having her support to keep me accountable made all the difference. I highly recommend you give this a go. You won’t regret it.

Kim Carillo

I just completed the Culinary Cure Detox and Reset with Kristen. Those 21 days were so amazing. I decided to use the supplements to give the whole process a boost and so glad I did. I feel so much better – it’s remarkable. My mood, energy and skin dramatically improved! Another great benefit was that I lost quite a bit of weight in those 21 days. I recommend you adopt this program as part of your health journey. You will see so many benefits. 

Gloria Potter

In good news – I was able to drink 2 to 3.5 L of water a day and I am feeling so optimal. It’s crazy – I’ve never felt this way in my life. I feel like my cells are hydrated, I sleep like a baby, I feel so well rested whether I’ve had 8 hours of sleep or not, and I just have so much energy.

Omg Kristen – the one thing missing in my life has been water.

Thank you for encouraging me! I’m truly grateful.



My weight loss started without fanfare. Without a goal of losing weight. The pandemic lockdown just changed my priorities about exercise and eating better, (as did your daily reminders, which were so helpful!). I started drinking lemon water every morning, not for all the things you usually mention, but because the color was sunny and the aroma so uplifting, every morning. I started examining what I ate and why. Just small adjustments here and there. Drink 100oz. H2O min. Each day. Walk 3-5 miles each day, to take my mind off things. My gym closed, so I’ve been lifting “old school” using my own body weight. I’ve been just trying to be as happy as possible, and grateful for everyday. I think that has lowered my cortisol load tremendously, and also helped with the weight coming off. I eat much less, but much more nutritiously. Occasional treats, and martinis. And MUCH more sleep. Thank you for all the inspiration!!


Thank you Kristen Coffield for the 30 Day Detox & Reset experience and for all your support. You always answered my texts, emails, or social media comments quickly and thoroughly. No question was too mundane. I have learned more than I expected about food as well as habits…good and bad. I plan on participating in another detox this year, but if you will excuse me, for now an artisanal bar of deeply, dark chocolate awaits me.

Ellen Small Davis

FIVE STARS +++ !!!

I took Kristen Coffield’s The Culinary Cure 30-day Detox and Reset (D&R), and I couldn’t be more pleased or grateful that I finally focused on food. I have always prioritized fitness, but had never truly considered the food I had been putting into my body, other than the universally accepted norms regarding calories, carbs, protein, etc.  As I got deeper into the D&R, I found the beneficial and palpable results to be transformative—including improved sleep; enhanced food taste; increased energy; and improved GERDs/reflux (a health challenge and concern), among others. Kristen taught me the power of “food as fuel,” and that what we ingest is the lynchpin for our health and well-being. Kristen made it easy to understand and implement new health supporting habits teaching me to eat healthy, stay fit, and increase my potential to live longer –  The value of this program far exceeds the cost!

Thank you, Kristen!!

Kevin Keating

I just adore Kristen Coffield! I have gotten to know her through her many (20+) appearances on WJLA 24/7’s Good Morning Washington. She is always so positive, encouraging, informative, and is a joy to work with on TV! Her recipes are always delicious and, coming from someone who isn’t a whiz in the kitchen, easy to make at home! After every segment with Kristen, I’ve learned something new and am inspired to live a healthier lifestyle. She is simply THE BEST!!!

Eileen Whelan

StormWatch7 Meteorologist, Good Morning Washington

Kristen Coffield’s, The Culinary Cure Master Class, is a wellness changing experience. It changed the way I think about food and my relationship with my kitchen. Her insightful guidance is transformative, her sense of humor, knowledge, and passion are contagious.

My husband and I cleaned out our entire kitchen. We started to eat healthier and intentional during the course, which continues to be our lifestyle!
As a wine drinker, I especially appreciated her take on “clean wine.” Her concept of living and eating 5 “clean” days allows for 2 days of flexibility, making it easier for us to to stick with healthier habits.

Kristen understands that we aren’t perfect, and life happens. The Culinary Cure Master Class teaches strategies for navigating food in the real world, making it easier to adopt and stick with healthier habits.

I loved the Culinary Cure Master Class.

Shelia McDevitt Brooking

When I enrolled in the Culinary Cure Master Class, I really thought I was doing so many things right. Boy was I wrong. Kristen’s 4- week course really delivered on its promise to help me better understand the importance of the nutrients that our bodies need, and so many of the hidden agenda’s that as consumers get us on the wrong trace.

Keeping my food journal for the first two weeks was very eye opening. I discovered that I was consuming too much caffeine and not nearly enough water, and too much processed food (protein shakes and powders), and not enough real plant- based foods. I was able to make those adjustments and start to expand delicious foods that I could incorporate and eat on a daily basis.

One of the big take away moments for me was also to begin to categorize food into “functional food” or food that your body needs for fuel, and “celebratory food”, food that you might eat out on a Saturday night with champagne and friends. No one was telling me not to eat this or that, but rather to understand the difference and to give myself permission to “celebrate” when appropriate.

I now have the tools to eat a healthier more plant -based diet coupled with many more sips of water throughout my day. My energy level and positive mood have never been higher.

Barbara Guterman

I enrolled in The Culinary Cure Master Class with Kristen Coffield in effort to “clean up” my messy eating and hopefully shed a few pounds.

I found the class interesting, easy to follow and packed with useful information. I especially found keeping a journal of everything I ate (and drank) revealing about how my habits were sabotaging me. It kept me accountable and made me realize I could use what I was eating more intentionally. I learned how to identify and use functional food and celebratory to manage a healthy weight, improve sleep and stress less. I realized that I really wasn’t drinking enough water and started measuring it to make sure I was well hydrated. My everyday habits are now tools for looking and feeling my best!

Kristen’s class was based on simple concepts that are easy to follow and MAINTAIN! I have enjoyed her newsletters and Social media posts and have recommended her to many friends who want to just simply eat well and feel better!

She is a Master Class Act teaching a Master Class!

Catie Gage

Kristen Coffield’s Culinary Cure Master Class is filled with remarkably simple solutions to complex everyday health issues. She has easy suggestions for improving sleep, increasing energy and making eating healthy again. Her Kitchen Intervention is a game-changer that creates the “right” conditions to cook and eat in a way that support our health. I have the upmost faith in Kristen. I take her suggestions as gospel. Often I run her ideas by my functional medicine MD and he concurs with Kristen’s approach to wellness.

Thank you Kristen for sharing your knowledge in such an approachable way. Your Master Class and the information you disseminate on Instagram have been invaluable.

Debbie Benton Motley

I joined Kristen Coffield’s Culinary Cure Master Class to tap into her expertise on health and dietary recommendations following a recuperation from hip replacement surgery. I have been working with a fitness coach who has done wonders rebuilding flexibility and muscle strength, but I needed to focus on losing the weight I had gained during a period of pain and lack of mobility. Extra weight was putting pressure on my joints. Kristen’s course was just the kick start I needed. By focusing on what and when to eat and cutting back on fats and sugar, I have lost 20 pounds! Her support provides a frame work for eating responsibly and with a healthful intent. Anyone struggling to achieve a healthy weight and lifestyle will find support for making lasting change with this course.

Kim T. Davis

Wow! You were a hit! They absolutely loved your presentation, Kristen. Two of [the attendees] came upstairs to thank me for setting it up (which, by the way, doesn’t happen often!)

Thank you so much for sharing your time and expertise to a group of young men who are really working hard to change their lives. Good habits are so critical in them succeeding when they leave ASF, so we spend a lot of time on the “soft skills” portion of their curriculum.

I asked the guys after you left to name one thing they were going to change after what they’d learned today, and they had some great responses!

Thanks, again. Love what you do!! 🙂

Kathleen K. Seifert

Executive Director, Alexandria Seaport

Kristen brings a rare blend of authenticity, unbridled enthusiasm, along with a deep expertise to everything she does. ALX Community has been privileged to offer our members the opportunity to hear Kristen’s story while learning how to make healthier choices and everyone loves her!
Kelly E

Alexandria, VA

Kristen is amazing! Our company worked with Kristen to create a corporate wellness event for our company and it was just fantastic. Kristen created a program for busy professionals that helped them understand how to take their health and wellness to the next level. She even prepared some healthy snacks to show everyone how food can be delicious and nutritious…and it turned out to be a great way for out team to connect and share their own recipes and healthy tips so it was a wonderful team-building experience as well. The food was a big hit and everyone loved the learning aspect. Highly recommend!
Kim C

Washington, DC

Kristen changed our lives! As a Doctor-Mom I want my family to eat healthy, flavorful foods, but I don’t have a lot of time—that is where Kristen worked miracles. She helped organize our kitchen, provided recipes and demonstrations and educated us to enhance our meals. Kristen is a delight to work with—professional, knowledgeable and caring—the best!!!

Susan Ascher

Washington, DC

I co-chair the Wellness Committee at PNC Bank. Kristen presented at our firm about how to navigate the holidays, parties and food and not completely fall off the wagon. Kristen delivers with competence, energy and humor.
Francoise Thalacker

Washington, DC

I worked with Kristen on a presentation for residents of a 55+ new home community that focused on “Eating Better to Living Longer” and I found her passion for the subject to be contagious. Not only was she was extremely knowledgeable about the right foods to eat for improving your diet and reducing inflammation, she was also truly engaging and believable. She definitely practices what she preaches and she has the science to back up her findings. She did a cooking demonstration and served healthy snacks that were delicious and nutritious. Our residents were captivated by her energy and stayed after the presentation to ask personal questions which Kristen was happy to answer. I personally am following her blogs and am considering hiring her as a coach for both my husband and I. I really like the fact that she takes a realistic approach to eating in that you have to have “celebration” food days where wine/treats are an essential part life. I wholeheartedly recommend Kristen as a corporate/group speaker and also feel she could relate to many people and help them get/stay on course for a healthier and longer life as a personal coach.
K Ambrose

Washington, DC

I was watching the news yesterday morning and was so happy I had selected Good Morning Washington. There you were and may I say, looking fabulous and your delivery was spot on.. You made me want to rush out and buy every item you mentioned and start eating better. As always, you amaze me. I am so proud of you. You are an inspiration to all of us.

Washington, DC

Kristen’s ability to translate complicated health and wellness information, into everyday usable advice, made my event memorable. It was no small task to keep 20 of my wine sipping friends engaged, which Kristen did while simultaneously cooking, informing, entertaining and answering questions. We loved the healthy zucchini noodles with shrimp and pesto, roasted root vegetables and skinny chicken parmesan to name a few. The recipes were all simple and delicious, and her flare for public speaking had us laughing, learning and getting excited about creating healthier culinary habits. Many of my friends thought it was by far the best cooking night I ever hosted, and we have been doing this for years.

I cannot imagine a better presenter, educator and entertainer to have at any cooking/wellness demonstration regardless of the size or topic…Kristen is truly one of a kind!

Leigh Carpenter

Greenwich, CT

Kristen’s expert culinary coaching has transformed our family’s nutritional landscape to one that supports our health and provides us with the sustained energy we need for our busy schedules–I now look forward to the dinner hour!
Susan M. Ascher, MD

Professor, Vice Chair of Research, Co-Chief of Abdominal Imaging, MedStar Georgetown University Hospital, Department of Radiology

Kristen graciously addressed our PNC LIVING WELL Community for our Monthly Speaker Series. We asked her to address how to healthfully navigate the eating, drinking and being merry, that sabotages the holidays for most of us.

Kristen was prepared, funny and engaging. Our audience enjoyed learning how to “Hack” holiday eating… because Kristen had an easy to follow “Game Plan” for any calorie tsunami.

I would recommend Kristen for speaking engagements, team building or cook and learn sessions to motivate and inspire your group to greater wellness.

Françoise Thomas

Co-Chair PNC BANK Wellness Committee , Greater Washington DC

I worked with Kristen to do a complete a Kitchen Intervention. She cleaned out my entire kitchen, organized my cabinets and threw out foods loaded with sugar. Kristen then customized a food plan for improved energy and weight management, that would work for my busy schedule and everyday life. This was not a diet, but a lifestyle program. Kristen was there every step of the way! She looked at my food journal daily, made suggestions of things to add and take out of my diet, and was always available when I texted her with questions while I was grocery shopping. If you are thinking about making a lifestyle change, Kristen can definitely help you and will be your biggest cheerleader on your health journey. I would highly recommend Kristen to anyone who needs a little nudge in the right direction, a major overhaul, or just needs someone to show them how to navigate the grocery store to come home with meals, not just food! You will not be disappointed
Tina Irizarry

Arlington, VA

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