Kitchen Intervention™

Does the idea of eating healthy and preparing nutritious meals feel intimidating and challenging?

You might be surprised to know that the way things are organized in your kitchen can literally be derailing your health. A Kitchen Intervention™ is a powerful tool that gets to the root cause of culinary disfunction, and reboots the way you shop, cook and eat. Good health begins in a kitchen that aligned with your wellness goals.

Kitchen Intervention by Kristen Coffield
  • Do you want a simple plan for shopping, cooking and eating that will help you meet your health, wellness and beauty goals?
  • Would you like to have more sustained energy, better sleep and reduce unhealthy body, fat while strengthening your immune system and fighting diseases of inflammation?
  • Is your kitchen part of the problem? Are your cabinets and drawers filled with cookware and utensils that get in the way of simple cooking? Do you have ancient canned goods, old herbs and spices in your pantry, expired condiments in your refrigerator and mystery meat in your freezer?
  • Is preparing meals the last thing you want to do?

A Kitchen Intervention is a complete reboot of the most important room in your home.

Nothing has a bigger impact on your overall health than your daily habits around food and eating. Everything you eat and drink sends a powerful message to your body and has a cumulative effect on your health. Learn how to harness the power of your kitchen to create a wellness micro-climate — putting the health odds forever in your favor.

Eliminating the things that do not serve you, in your kitchen and life,  creates space for improved health and resilient wellness.

A Kitchen Intervention™ is a transformative process that disrupts old patterns of behavior around cooking and food, replacing them with exciting new strategies, techniques, tools, and flavors.

Set yourself up for success through simplification. A Kitchen Intervention addresses the root causes of your cooking and eating challenges and creates a plan for wellness that starts at the end of your fork.

Jump start the rest of your life with a Kitchen Intervention™ and a Culinary Cure shopping, cooking and eating plan.

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A Kitchen Intervention™ is available as an online course for only $179!