I am Kristen Coffield the founder and owner of The Culinary Cure, a consulting business and information website.

I am dedicated to helping busy, overwhelmed professionals improve their health and increase their energy through in-person training sessions, workshops, seminars and coaching.

The Culinary Cure by Kristen Coffield Services

Kitchen Intervention

You might be surprised to know that the way things are organized in your kitchen can literally be derailing your health. Good health begins in a kitchen that aligns with your wellness goals to live a longer, healthier life.

The Culinary Cure by Kristen Coffield Services


Coaching holds you accountable, teaches you, and provides support. Let me customize a total-wellness plan that takes the guess work out of developing healthy habits. I’ll provide the tools you need to succeed.

The Culinary Cure by Kristen Coffield Services


I am excited to share my knowledge of how daily habits can cumulatively help you live younger, longer. I want to get you excited about taking control of the little things that can add up to Beautiful Longevity.

My Ideal Clients:

  • Corporations and companies that want to create or improve their wellness strategy or program to increase their employee retention, morale, health, wellness and productivity
  • Busy professionals that want to take their health and wellness to the next level to increase their energy levels, productivity, and fulfillment
  • Companies that want to increase job satisfaction by promoting a thriving, healthy, and fun culture
  • Busy professionals that want a customized plan outlining exactly how to achieve their health and wellness goals

The Culinary Cure Press

This page stays up to date with a listing of publications, TV segments, online news articles and more, that feature health tips, recipes, and coaching. If you are in need of content – articles, tips, tailored recipes, or inspiration – Kristen Coffield can help!

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Available for coaching, speaking engagements, kitchen interventions, TV segments, and more! I am proud to be teaching the Power of Food for Health, Happiness, and Beautiful Longevity!
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