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Television Segments on 6 ABC’s Good Morning Washington, Seven on Your Side, and Fox5 Morning

99 Walks

Walk + Talk with Kristen Coffield” | 06.15.21

ABC News

Moms Stay Home When Kids Enter Teen Years” March 10 By ABC NEWS

Alexandria Living Magazine

American Horticultural Society Hosts 26th Annual Gala” | 10.26.19

How to enjoy eating out without feeling guilty” by Beth Lawton | 02.02.20

Alexandria Stylebook

My Kitchen Intervention” by Paige Patterson | 03.13.19

Three Healthy Tips” by Paige Patterson | 02.28.20

ALX Community

Healthier Happy Hour Recording” | April 2020

A New Way of Living Podcast

“What HEALTHY People REALLY Eat” Podcast | July 2021


Ep. 28: Kristen Coffield – Try These Kitchen Interventions For Big Impact – The Culinary Cure” Podcast and information about Kristen Coffield | 01.17.19

Best Self Atlanta

Sip with Confidence: Selecting the Best Wine for Your Health” by Kristen Coffield | 01.25.21

Better Than Gossip

Co-host on the TV series on Binge Networks – Better Than Gossip: Ageless Advice for Timeless Women

Award-Winning Podcast, Streaming Media TV Show, & Brand Amplification Network formed in January 2022. Better Than Gossip is hosted by the award-winning podcast host, author, speaker, and founder of Fearlessly Facing Fifty, Amy Schmidt; Kristen Coffield, founder of The Culinary Cure, author, educator, and wellness lifestyle expert, and Lisa Speers, blogger and creator of I Do Part Two.

Catherine Grace O’Connell

Kristen Coffield – The Modern Midlife Culinary Disruptor! MMM#12 S2E5” Podcast with Catherine Grace O’Connell | March 26, 2020

Christie Turley

Mind Muse Podcast Episode 8: Eating Intentionally as a Competitive Advantage with Kristen Coffield” Podcast with Christie Turley | 2020

Choose Unstoppable Podcast

How She Put Her Life Back Together One Bite At A Time with Kristen Coffield | July 2021

DC Refined

Recipes for Thanksgiving Day dinner that won’t kill your diet” by Tina Irizarry

Kitchen Intervention: Start spring off with an organized and healthy kitchen” APRIL 05, 2017 by TINA IRIZARRY

Where & what local nutritionists eat when they eat out” JUNE 02, 2017 by TINA IRIZARRY

I’m only going to eat what a health coach tells me to for 30 days” APRIL 11, 2017 by Tina Irizarry

I ate only what a health coach told me to for 30 days” MAY 31, 2017 by Tina Irizarry

Divorce Differently Summit

Day 3, Kristen Coffield on Nutrition | September 5, 2021

The Douglas Coleman Show

The Douglas Coleman Show VE with Kristen Coffield | April 21, 2021

Elektra Health

1 Hour Webinar to Eat For Hormone Balance with Elektra Health

The Ethel

How I Solved My Hangover Woes: Did I really have to break up with wine? by Amy White

Extraordinary Women Radio with Kami Guildner

Kristen Coffield, The Power of Hydration in Unlocking Wellness, Episode 330 | February 1, 2024

Fearlessly Facing Fifty Podcast with Host Amy Schmidt

Podcast Episode on Friday, March 19, 2021 featuring Kristen Coffield

Frankie Boyer

Interview with Frankie Boyer | July 2021

Interview with Frankie Boyer | January 2022

Josh Sapan “THE THIRD ACT: Reinventing Your Next Chapter”, Kristen Coffield “The Culinary Cure” | January 2023

Fox 5 News Morning

Dirty Wine” Segment on 03/30/19 featuring Kristen Coffield

Eat Your Water” Segment on 07/13/23 featuring Kristen Coffield

Wellness and 4 Ways to Detox” Segment on 01/10/24 featuring Kristen Coffield

The Power of Seeds” Segment on 01/30/24 featuring Kristen Coffield

A Beginners Guide to Volume Eating” Segment on 04/11/24 featuring Kristen Coffield

Active Grandparenting in the Kitchen – Kid Friendly Salsas” Segment on 06/05/24 featuring Kristen Coffield

Active Aging – Motivation with Marissa” Segment on 06/22/24 featuring Kristen Coffield

The Georgetown Dish

Blueberry Kuchen by Kristen Coffield | July 3, 2022

Kristen Coffield’s New Book on ‘How Healthy People Eat’ by Judith Beermann | January 10, 2021

Guard Your Gut For Better Health by Kristen Coffield | January 5, 2021

Tomatoes in My Summer Kitchen by Kristen Coffield | August 21, 2022

How a Wellness Coach Got Out of Shape by Kristen Coffield | September 11, 2022

Do You Ever Struggle to Finish What You Start? by Kristen Coffield | October 12, 2022

The Gifters Podcast

Ep. 738 Kristen Coffield by Christopher Kai, June 23, 2020

Health Gig Podcast

Try These Kitchen Interventions for Big Impact May 28, 2019, Podcast episode #28 with Health Gig featuring Kristen Coffield

Health Wisdom Magazine

the culinary cure in health wisdom magazine online nutrition coaching
Health Wisdom Magazine Issue 5
 May 2020, Cover story and article featuring Kristen Coffield




Podcast Interview with Kristen Coffield –  Gresham Harkless Jr. of I AM CEO

Podcast Interview with Kristen Coffield – Wellness Coach Helps Individuals Turn Food and Habits Into Superpowers for Health and Happiness | May 22, 2024

In the Groove

10 Low Calorie Drinks for Your Next Cocktail Hour Article by Kristen Coffield Featured June 23, 2019 on In The Groove

5 Things You Need To Know Before Drinking That Glass of Wine Article Featured April 11, 2019 on In The Groove

KWAY Radio

How Healthy People Eat – Interview with Kristen Coffield | March 29, 2021

Menopause Cheat Sheet

What to Know This Week: A New Book Asks This Question: “Are You Really Eating Well? Really?” Email Feature| January 27, 2021

Mom’s Don’t Have Time to Lose Weight

Podcast Episode with Kristen Coffield | May 10, 2021

Midlife Refuel Club

Live Session with Maryon Stewart & Guest Speaker Kristen Coffield | January 27, 2021


Morph Mom Daily | February 15, 2023

The Pro-Age Woman

Wellness Karma The Beauty of Buddha Bowl | July 2022 Issue

The Happiness Diet | August 2022 Issue

Wellness Karma | September 2022 Issue

Pure Joy Wellness

How Healthy People Eat – Tips & Tricks from Kristen Coffield | July 30, 2021


Inn chefs are served dinner for once December 14, 2018, Article featuring Kristen Coffield

Redfin Blog

Simplicity Unveiled: 11 Questions to Achieve Minimalistic Living in Your Home, January 2, 2024, Article featuring Kristen Coffield


She Said / She Said Podcast

She Said / She Said Podcast February 5, 2019, Podcast with Laura Cox Kaplan featuring Kristen Coffield


The Toxin Terminator

The Kitchen Intervention with Kristen Coffield June 2020, Podcast with The Toxin Terminator featuring Kristen Coffield

Thrive Global

About Kristen Coffield March 2018, Published on Thrive Global

Do You Need A Kitchen Intervention? August 15, 2018, Published on Thrive Global

In A Rut? Declutter Something. July 5, 2018, Published on Thrive Global

Thriving in Chaos with Paulette Gloria Rigo by Better Divorce Academy

Ep. 38 Kristen Coffield: Is what you eat, eating you? Podcast, January 31, 2020

Traveler’s Institute

Healthy New Year: Transformative Food Habits for 2023 Webinar Series with Joan Woodward, January 25, 2023

UnBreakable Spirit Podcast

At The End Of Her Rope, She Picked Up Her Fork with Jennifer Seven and Kristen Coffield | Jan 2022


10 Easy Red, White and Blue Recipes for July 4th by Morgan Hines | July 1, 2022

Vadym Guliuk

Ep. 19 Disrupting Your Kitchen with Kristen Coffield Podcast, April 15, 2020

VIP Alexandria Magazine

Harness the Power of Food & Good Habits for Hormone Balance by Kristen Coffield

The Vitality Feed with Caroline Schaefer

A Culinary Disruption: Making Your FOOD Your FUEL for Life with Kristen Coffield | July 2021

Wholepreneur Summit

Quarantine Eating & Resilient Wellness with Kristen Coffield Wholepreneur Summit 2020 Hosted by Tanya MFK

Women Chefs & Restauranteurs

“Kristen Coffield: Recipes with Avocado as the star of the dish at the Culinary Cure.” Mention in WCR | Women Chefs & Restaurateurs Newsletter – June 28, 2018

Women’s Health

“No Filter Needed When You Eat the Rainbow” – @theculinarycure

See Kristen Coffield’s quote displayed on this healthy inspirational video created by Women’s Health. #WHStrong Spotlight. Videos/Imagery supplied by Getty.

Working Mother – Google Books

Vol. 23, No. 8 Sep 2000, Published by Working Mother Media


7OYS: Panini Generation Winter 2019, Segment featuring Kristen Coffield

7OYS: Building Resiliency Winter 2019, Segment featuring Kristen Coffield

7OYS: Family Meals Winter 2019, Segment featuring Kristen Coffield

The Importance of Staying Hydrated Beyond the Summer | October 11, 2021

Healthy Holiday Sides with The Culinary Cure | November 22, 2021

The Culinary Cure dishes tasty plant-based carb swaps | March 16, 2022

Banana Blitz! Sweet and creative ways to make the most of the popular fruit | August 8, 2022

Pumpkin Spice Up Your Life With These Recipes! | October 5, 2022

Festive holiday appetizers: butter boards, crudités cups, charcuterie jars and more | December 13, 2022

You Can Magazine

You Can Magazine Vol. 6: Skin Sins Spring 2019, article written by Kristen Coffield

Other Fun Stuff

Presentation to the Youth Program at Alexandria Seaport

In April 2019 I hosted an informative health and wellness presentation for the at-risk-youth apprentices in the programs at the Alexandria Seaport.  This program targets youth ages 18-22 and offers them an opportunity to turn their lives around by providing the career, social and life skills necessary to become productive, responsible citizens. The Boatbuilding Apprentice Program operates as a year-round, full-time program and introduces STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) concepts while connecting apprentices to the resources of the Potomac River.

My presentation was tailored to the class by teaching real life culinary resilience skills such as learning how to reduce sugar intake, increase water consumption.

glowing review from alexandria seaport for kristen coffield online nutrition coachingkristen coffield online nutrition coaching presentation to the at-risk-youth apprenticing at Alexandria Seaport

Miller and Smith Event

On September 19, 2018 I hosted an informative health and wellness event with Miller and Smith in the brand new Walhaven at Kingstowne model home.Kristen Coffield hosting an event with Miller and Smith homes

Cooking Family Meal For Some of Washington’s Best Restaurants

Family Meal is a worldwide tradition of restaurants feeding their staff before the restaurant opens for dinner. It gives the team a much needed break from their busy prep work and lets them sit together, discuss the evening ahead and enjoy a meal prepared by one of their own. Any staff — line cooks, even dishwashers — take turns preparing a tasty, easy to eat meal. It is typically a creative use of food on hand or a speciality menu representative of the cook’s own ancestry.

The idea is to come together as a family, discuss the evening ahead and have a laugh or two. Restaurant work is a calling. Believe me when I tell you, it is hard work, long hours and you don’t do it for the money. Some of the World’s best restaurants have kitchens that are tight spaces. It is a real dance for the cooks who have to work around each other to do their jobs. Hours of work go into the magic of getting meals to the table quickly and expertly. Family Meal helps build the camaraderie between the front and back of the house that makes for a great restaurant.

My friend Barbara Crocker and I have had the honor of preparing Family Meal for several great restaurants in D.C. We plan the menu, the restaurant orders the ingredients, and we prepare the meal at the restaurant kitchen and serve the team. It is very cool to be working elbow to elbow with these creative, hardworking people in such amazing kitchens.

Barb Crocker and I at Masseria (1 Michelin Star) with Chef Nicholas Stefanelli

Family Meal for Roses Luxury (1 Michelin Star) and Pineapple & Pearls (2 Michelin Stars)

We cooked one family meal for 2 kitchens – Roses Luxury and Pineapple & Pearls. They are both Aaron Silverman’s restaurants and are right next door to each other.

Family Meal with Chef Patrick O’Connell and Barb Crocker at Inn at Little Washington (3 Michelin Star)

Read our article in RappNews featuring our family meal at Inn at Little Washington (3 Michelin Stars) in December 2018.

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