Kristen Coffield – Founder of The Culinary Cure™ and Active Grandparenting

Educator | Author | Speaker: Queen of Lemon Water

Empowering successful women to reclaim their health for active aging and active grandparenting.
Expert in Hydration, Sleep, Stress, Healthy Living & Active Grandparenting.
Your Guide to Active Aging and Creating A Life You Love

kristen coffield of the culinary cure

Work With Kristen

Available For:

  • Corporate wellness programs
  • Nutrition/meal prep workshops and seminars
  • Motivational workshops and seminars
  • Online group nutrition coaching
  • Personalized shopping, cooking and eating plans
  • In-person/online personal coaching
  • Sponsored Instagram and Facebook posts
  • Guest blog posts
  • Wine Tastings
  • TV Segments
  • Podcasts


  • Active Grandparenting
  • Active Aging
  • Clean-crafted Natural Wine
  • Kitchen Intervention
  • Tips for Sleep
  • Healthy Habits 101
  • The Power of an AM and PM Routine
  • Eating for Hormone Balance
  • Healthier Happy Hour
  • Harness the Power of Food
  • Building Resilience
  • 21 Day Wellness Reset
  • The Power of a Food Journal
  • Hydration
  • Food Assembly
  • CBD
  • Salt, Sugar, Oils
  • Heart Healthy Habits
  • Tips to Boost Immunity
  • Gut Health
  • Food as Medicine
  • How To Eat- literally starting with chewing, not drinking liquids with meals, stop when you are 80% full etc
  • Don’t Eat When You Should Be Sleeping
  • Sleep Is A Super Power – best sleep practices & why
  • Willful Ignorance Around Food – stop with the artificial sweeteners and addictive additives
  • How To Hydrate and Lose Weight
  • What The Heck Are Probiotics & Prebiotics
  • Dangerous Fats & Oils- Hint Vegetable Oil Is A NO NO!
  • Healthiest Salts and Sneaky Sodium
  • Addictive Sugar – more addictive than cocaine
  • Fiber, Fat & Protein – the trifecta of a healthy breakfast
  • Wellness Secrets Your Doctor Doesn’t Know
  • The dollar value of good health – save $$$ stay healthy

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I just adore Kristen Coffield! I have gotten to know her through her many (20+) appearances on WJLA 24/7’s Good Morning Washington. She is always so positive, encouraging, informative, and is a joy to work with on TV! Her recipes are always delicious and, coming from someone who isn’t a whiz in the kitchen, easy to make at home! After every segment with Kristen, I’ve learned something new and am inspired to live a healthier lifestyle. She is simply THE BEST!!!

Eileen Whelan

StormWatch7 Meteorologist, Good Morning Washington

When I enrolled in the Culinary Cure Master Class, I really thought I was doing so many things right. Boy was I wrong. Kristen’s 4- week course really delivered on its promise to help me better understand the importance of the nutrients that our bodies need, and so many of the hidden agenda’s that as consumers get us on the wrong trace.

Keeping my food journal for the first two weeks was very eye opening. I discovered that I was consuming too much caffeine and not nearly enough water, and too much processed food (protein shakes and powders), and not enough real plant- based foods. I was able to make those adjustments and start to expand delicious foods that I could incorporate and eat on a daily basis.

One of the big take away moments for me was also to begin to categorize food into “functional food” or food that your body needs for fuel, and “celebratory food”, food that you might eat out on a Saturday night with champagne and friends. No one was telling me not to eat this or that, but rather to understand the difference and to give myself permission to “celebrate” when appropriate.

I now have the tools to eat a healthier more plant -based diet coupled with many more sips of water throughout my day. My energy level and positive mood have never been higher.

Barbara Guterman

Kristen changed our lives! As a Doctor-Mom I want my family to eat healthy, flavorful foods, but I don’t have a lot of time—that is where Kristen worked miracles. She helped organize our kitchen, provided recipes and demonstrations and educated us to enhance our meals. Kristen is a delight to work with—professional, knowledgeable and caring—the best!!!

Susan Ascher

Washington, DC

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