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Learn How to Master the Habits for Beautiful Longevity

I put together my beautiful Live Like You Mean It Playbook to provide you with valuable tools for being proactive about your health and creating your own wellness micro-climate.

How To Use My Live Like You Mean It Playbook

Inside my guide you will find recommendations for improving your diet, decreasing inflammation, learning to love exercise, harnessing the magic of sleep and taming your stress demons. If you want to live younger and age longer you will have all the tools you need to get started today.

There is a lot of information in the guide and it really doesn’t matter where you start, it matters that you start. Read through the pages and then decide what you can be doing right now. For many people adding a warm lemon water first thing in the morning is an easy way to begin.


  • So, take it slow, make it stick and then add another longevity habit.
  • Start with 1 habit a week, adding habits as you go.
  • Listen to your body.
  • Drink at least 1.5 liters of filtered water a day.
  • Do some form of exercise and meditation daily.
  • Smile!
Longevity Guide by Kristen Coffield

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