This simple tonic of warm lemon juice is a great way to help maintain gut health and start each day hydrated.

Lemons are an excellent source of vitamin C, B-6, potassium, folic acid, flavonoids and the phytochemical limonene. During sleep, your body has been in a state of fast; upon waking, the first thing you ingest should be something to help end the fast, rehydrate, and prepare your body for the day.

Warm lemon water helps to boost the immune system, stimulate the digestive tract, and regulate blood pressure. Interesting fact; lemons, which are acidic, become alkaline once ingested. It is beneficial to raise alkalinity levels in the body to help minimize acidity which is linked to inflammation, the root of many preventable diseases and premature aging.

You can boost the benefits of warm lemon water by adding cayenne pepper, apple cider vinegar or coconut oil. Cayenne pepper adds health benefits by stimulating the circulatory system, kick-starting peristalsis and helping to regulate blood sugar. It also boosts the metabolism by stimulating enzyme production essential for the digestive system, helping to flush bad bacteria and toxins from the body.

Apple cider vinegar adds the power of fermentation and acetic acid. Cider vinegar can improve insulin function and lower blood sugar levels. Several studies have shown that cider vinegar can increase satiety, leading to a reduction in calories consumed and resulting in lost pounds.

I often add extra-virgin coconut oil to my warm lemon water. Approximately 50 percent of the fatty acids provided by coconut oil are in the form of a medium-chain saturated fatty acid called lauric acid; a health promoting fat whose only other abundant source in nature is breast milk. In the body, lauric acid is converted into the compound monolaurin. This super compound is antibacterial, antiviral, and fights a wide variety of disease-causing organisms. The healthy fats also help to keep the body feeling fuller longer.

Think of warm lemon water as a mini morning cleanse. This AM tonic can help flush toxins from your digestive tract, and provides alkaline hydration to help minimize inflammation. Make sure the first beverage of the day is helping your body to function at its optimum best. Warm lemon water is an easy habit to add to your routine, and can cumulatively provide big health benefits.

Drink this warm lemon water with a straw will help protect tooth enamel. I love these glass straws.

apple cider, lemon, cayenne, and coconut oil recipe by the culinary cure

Lemon Water Morning Tonic Recipe

This simple tonic of warm lemon juice is a great way to help maintain gut health and start each day hydrated.
Course beverage, Breakfast
Keyword cayenne pepper, extra virgin coconut oil, lemon, lemon water, lemons, MCT oil


  • 8 oz warm filtered water
  • Juice of 1/2 a fresh lemon
  • Optional - 2 shakes cayenne pepper and/or 2 tsp Bragg’s Cider Vinegar and/or 1 tbsp. MCT oil or extra virgin coconut oil melted


  1. Combine ingredients and drink* first thing in the morning

Recipe Notes

*drinking with a straw will help protect tooth enamel

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