I always feel like the official end to summer is Labor Day.

This mindset was created in childhood when our beach club had a special buffet dinner and an illumination ceremony on the Sunday of Labor Day weekend. Where I grew up in Westchester County, New York, school started after Labor Day, so that’s when endless summer days turned into the fall school schedule.

Many of our mindsets are like this: learned in childhood and then carried on, sometimes, for life. It’s great if what we learned benefits our health and happiness, and it is perfectly detrimental if these old ways of thinking keep us locked in patterns that no longer serve.

Labor Day, like New Year’s Day, it feels like a good time to reassess habits you might have been carrying for a lifetime or just those sneaky, relaxed summer ones.

Like many of you, my summers are less disciplined; I don’t have my Monday through Friday gym schedule, I too have to pay attention to hydration, and there’s just more celebratory everything that can translate into sleep, mood, weight, and energy disruptions.

The Labor Day blues have as much to do with feeling sad summer is over as they do with figuring out how to get back on track with all the other things in life.

This is actually a VERY, VERY good thing. September is an opportunity to get excited about everything. It’s a fresh start to decide what you want and need to be the best version of YOU.

Go ahead and change things up. Get back on track with habits that make you feel great; start with something easy, like hydration – I know, I know, but I bet you still struggle to sip 100oz over the course of a day – or maybe schedule workouts at a new gym or sign up for a program you know you need and keep putting off.

One of the things Bill and I do to change things up is Dry September. It’s surprising how habitual that 5 p.m. glass of wine can be. So instead, we have a little ritual of enjoying our favorite non-alcoholic mocktail, Bitters & Soda with lime.

It’s a dash of All The Bitter in a glass of sparkling water with lime, a refreshing Dry September sip!

Dry September Bitters Tip!

I am a huge fan of All The Bitter, alcohol-free cocktail bitters with functional organic herbs that aid digestion, help cleanse the liver, and taste delicious! Alcohol-free cocktails can be refreshing, celebratory, and healthy; I suggest sipping Bitters & Soda as a go-to when you want something fun without the alcohol!

Click here and use code “THECURE10” for a 10% discount with All The Bitter!

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