Workout younger with 3 tips to help prevent injuries, get the most out of your workout, and look and feel your best!

  1. Wear ear plugs: If you workout at a gym with loud music, lots of banging weights or wear headphones with the volume cranked up, you may be getting to noise-induced hearing loss. The microscopic hair cells in the inner area that transmit sound to the brain become damaged and eventually die. Simple foam ear plugs can help protect your hearing, while allowing you to still hear the music and coaching.
  2. Resistance Training: If you want to age younger, longer, it is important to do some serious resistance training using heavy weights. Weight and resistance training are vital for improving strength and promoting muscle and skeleton balance that keep the body looking and feeling young.
  3. Rotate your workouts to avoid overuse injuries. Group classes, Yoga, running, weight training and Pilates all complement each other and benefit you in different ways. While rotating your workouts, also rotate the machines you use or your place in the room for workouts. Your body and brain have to work harder if you switch it up.

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