Have you ever heard the saying, “Your genes are the bullet, and your habits are the trigger”?

That means your habits and external factors can influence your gene expression and health. Below we’ll discuss how your habits trigger disease, and what you can do about it.

The study of how environmental factors affect your genes is known as epigenetics, and it explores how external factors, such as diet, exercise, and environmental exposures, can modify the structure and function of your genes. It also provides insights into how lifestyle choices, including hydration, can influence gene activity and how you age.

Trust me; hydration is a real problem as you get older!

Studies show dehydration can trigger epigenetic changes affecting gene expression and essential bodily functions like DNA methylation, estrogen methylation, cellular aging, immune response, and telomere length.

In a nutshell, dehydration accelerates aging and creates problems that interfere with living a vibrant and active life. Goodness knows you hear from me all the time how hydration is literally the fountain of youth. If you want to feel alive, enjoy glorious sleep, lower stress, have glowing skin, less belly bloat, and have more energy for all the things that matter most, create a hydration practice.

I made it easy for you to learn how to hydrate because I feel like a broken record with the hydration preaching, but it’s just that important!

Hydration can help your body prioritize optimal gene expression and epigenetic health. It’s also step #1 for becoming an active ager and slowing down the hands of time.

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