Some people have the great good fortune to be born with genetically beautiful skin. The rest of us can achieve more luminous and glowing skin by finding a terrific cosmetic dermatologist and making the right nutritional and lifestyle choices to keep skin at its supple best.

The basics of beautiful skin are getting enough sleep, staying well hydrated, eating lots of colorful fruits and vegetables and NEVER picking at your skin.  Where things get more challenging is in our little daily good and bad habits that impact the skin in a positive or negative way. Using the right skin products with active ingredients, at the right time of day, is a good habit; smoking, drinking sugary beverages and spending hours in the sun are bad habits. Over time these habits play a huge role in our physical appearance, so harnessing the power of healthier habits can be an easy way to achieve more beautiful skin.

The following suggestions are simple ways of adding healthier habits to your daily routine, adding up to big beauty benefits over time. The name of the game is “Control Bad Inflammation” because inflammation is the number one enemy of beautiful skin and good health. It is also important to remember that not all calories are created equal; the calories in a cookie are not the same as the calories in an apple. The idea is to take your beauty game up to the next level by maximizing the benefits of what you eat and drink to play a bigger role in achieving the skin you want.

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