Fasting Over 50

With Kristen Coffield And The Culinary Cure

Every woman has a natural fat-burning mechanism hardwired into her body… Including YOU!

Fasting Over 50 By Kristen Coffield

Activate your body’s natural fat-burning mechanisms, sculpt a slimmer waistline, heal and restore your body with
Fasting Over 50’s Beginners Guide to Intermittent Fasting.

Time Restricted Eating course with Kristen Coffield of The Culinary Cure

Not only can you burn fat like crazy… You’ll also enjoy –

  • Elevated energy
  • Deeper sleep
  • Enhanced mental clarity (no more horrible “brain fog”!)
  • A revived libido
  • Clearer, younger-looking skin

Zestfully Yours,

P.S. It’s Hard To Burn Fat without Intermittent Fasting!

  1. Modern lifestyles are loaded with stress, toxins, dehydration, and nutrient-lacking foods– which literally turn OFF your fat-burning mechanisms.
  2. Weight loss “experts,” popular culture, and many medical professionals stress counting calories, restrictive “diets,” or worse, medication, for achieving a healthy weight.

These things actually REDUCE your body’s natural fat-burning powers and keep you stuck!

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