I started The Culinary Cure™ as a way to educate people about how to use their habits and environment as tools for living their best lives. What we eat and the products we use in our homes and on our bodies cumulatively have a significant impact on our health. Pure essential oils are a natural alternative to synthetic products. They also have many additional benefits.

Pure essential oils can transform the way individuals and families take control of their wellness. I partnered with DoTerra because of their commitment to purity, potency, and sustainability. DoTerra oils and products harness nature’s most potent elements and can be used effectively and safely in our daily lives.

Why essential oils?

There is scientific evidence that supports the benefits of essential oils. Backed by scientific research, the uses for essential oils have increased exponentially. There have been more studies published about essential oils in the past decade than in the last five hundred years combined. We are currently living in “the chemical revolution.” And there has never been a better time to use safe and natural alternatives to control our toxic exposure.

Each bottle of DoTerra essential oil contains a blend of chemical elements. These compounds are volatile and organic, meaning they quickly evaporate, and their structures are primarily composed of carbon atoms. Essential oils can have a therapeutic effect through their interaction on and in our cells, actually influencing cellular change. There are compounds in essential oils that readily pass through the cellular membrane and bind to enzymes, proteins, and even DNA. Understanding how essential oils induce therapeutic effects through chemical interactions gives me confidence in their use as a way to detox and enhance our everyday lives

How to use essential oils?

Many commonly used products contain synthetic chemicals that leave a toxic residue in our homes and on our bodies. These unnatural products can interfere with our hormones, create indoor air pollution, and negatively influence the way we think, feel, and live.

Pure essential oils offer a natural alternative to synthetic products. Each oil has a unique chemical makeup, with dozens of benefits for the body and mind. The benefits depend on the chemistry of the plants and the quality of the extraction. Not all essential oils are safe and effective, and some include synthetic ingredients. DoTerra uses the highest quality natural ingredients and most state of the extraction techniques.

Essential oils can be effectively and safely used in our daily routines and have added health benefits as well. There are many uses for essential oils including cooking, cleaning, personal hygiene, enhanced sleep, strengthened immune support, emotional health, weight management, and so much more.

I am committed to voting with my consumer dollars and buying products from companies and businesses that align with my values. I take every opportunity to choose products that are better for the planet, and therefore better for me. By reducing the toxic load in my personal environment, I am actively prioritizing well-care. I am excited to offer you the opportunity to do the same. Feel free to reach out if you have any specific questions about how to incorporate essential oils into your life.

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Make the switch to essential oils to help you physically, mentally, and emotionally in your daily life.