December is the new january for making resolutions and healthy lifestyle changes

Your daily guide to rock the holidays and kick-ass in the new year!

31 days of simple tips for avoiding holiday weight gain, feeling good after being bad, and getting your beauty sleep despite the festivities.

31 days of simple tips for:

  • avoiding holiday weight gain;
  • feeling good after being “bad”; and
  • balancing sleep and fun

No more meaningless New Year’s resolutions that fall flat by March!

Start January with your healthy habits in place, and get ready to make next year the year that changes your life!

Week 1. Stay hydrated or die. Well, not actually die, but feel like death warmed-over. 

December 1 Warm lemon water every morning. Start each day with this simple rehydrating habit that helps you get hydrated before the day has even started!

December 2 Measure your water. If you are not measuring it, you are probably not drinking enough. Be sure you drink at least 2 liters of water a day. I buy I large Fiji bottle and refill it.

December 3 Drink your 2 liters of water before 3pm. I can always polish-off water when I am driving, reading, or soaking in a hot bath. Find your water drinking routine and stick to it.

December 4 Boost your water. Add lemon, cucumber slices or berries to boost flavor. A pinch of salt increases absorption.

December 5 Eat your water. Fruits and vegetables are great sources of water, enzymes and fiber. Eat up!

December 6 Don’t wash down your food with water. Digestion begins in your mouth, liquids dilute the digestive process.

December 7 Drink sparkling water. Swap that glass of wine for sparkling water in a wine glass.

Week 2. Make sleep your holiday super power to look and feel your best.

 December 8 Set the bedroom temperature between 60-65 degrees for better sleep.

December 9 Shut out the noise. Try inexpensive foam ear plugs to sleep like a baby.

December 10 Make your bedroom vampire dark. The darker the room, the better the sleep.

December 11 Get off your gadgets an hour before you want to fall asleep. Screen time lights up your neurons; so give them a break.

December 12 Take a disco nap. 15-20 minutes to recharge and reset before another late night.

December 13 Skip the afternoon caffeine. Caffeine can linger for up to 7 hours and mess with your sleep.

December 14 Try a natural sleep remedy. Sip chamomile tea, take magnesium, try a low dose of melatonin. Also consider taking CBD oil daily.

Week 3. Navigate the tsunami of calories headed your way with a culinary survival plan.

December 15 Drink before you drink. Hydrate well before social events to prevent thirsty drinking.

December 16 Eat before you eat. Have a healthy snack to prevent over-eating at holiday events.

December 17 Have a plan or plan to fail. Decide how many drinks you will have and how much you will eat, and stick to it.

December 18 Drink sweet, crave sweet. Skip the sugary cocktails in favor of sparkling wine, vodka with a twist, or (my favorite) tequila and soda with lime. If you aren’t into cocktails, sip on clean-crafted wine™ instead (click here to learn more and buy online).

December 19 Start with sparkling water and alternate alcohol and water throughout the evening.

December 20 Chew your food. Chew every single bite 20 times to avoid over-eating and improve digestion.

December 21 Eat your veggies. Fill up on vegetables, fruit and nuts before sampling the naughtier offerings.

Week 4. Kick-Ass recovery guide for holiday overload. What to do to minimize the damage done – naughty you!

December 22 Hydrate before you go to bed. Drink 8oz of water before bed and keep a glass of water handy for midnight dehydration.

December 23 Detox with activated charcoal. Try taking 2 activated charcoal tablets before bed if you have over indulged.

December 24 Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Water, coconut water, kombucha, and fresh squeezed plant juices all help you feel good when you have been bad.

December 25 Eat LOTS of colorful fruit in the morning. Your body craves the fruit sugars, enzymes and micronutrients.

December 26 Steer clear of caffeine and processed sugar if you have over imbibed. Both will make you feel better for 10 minutes, and then make you feel worse.

December 27 Sweat it out. Do a workout, sit in the steam room, sauna, or take a hot bath. Remember to keep hydrating!

December 28 Vegetables and lean protein work wonders on an over stressed system. Skip the heavy, greasy foods in favor of things that will fix you fast.

December 29 – New Year’s Hydration Tips:

  • Warm lemon water every am
  • 2 liters of water during the day
  • Never go to a party thirsty
  • Boost your water with fruits and veggies


December 30 – Sleep Tips:


December 31 – New Year’s Eve Party Tips:

  • Be well hydrated
  • Have a healthy snack before going out
  • Rotate alcoholic drinks with water
  • Last drink before midnight
  • Activated charcoal and water before bed

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