Cucumber Sandwich Rolls

Cucumber is a convenient and super low calorie way to substitute vegetables for bread. Zero fats or cholesterol, high in vitamin K, potassium and other anti-oxidants cucumber is a delicious way to cut calories, add health benefits and make your sandwich rock with wellness!
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  • 1 cucumber per sandwich


  1. Scrub cucumber skin of any residue
  2. Slice cucumber in half
  3. Using a melon baller remove cucumber seeds
  4. Roll up sandwich fillings lengthwise and place in one half of the cucumber

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I also like to use cucumber rolls for tuna fish and chicken salads. Remember the cucumber is moist so you do not need a lot of mayo or other dressings.

For other gluten-free replacement ideas for bread as a sandwich, try my mushroom bun recipe or toasted sweet potato recipe!

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