Even the most organized people, myself included, have a catch all drawer filled with random stuff that assumes an unruly life of its own.

When I downsized out of a 4000 sf house two years ago, I swore up and down that I would never again let things just accumulate. I would make real-time decisions and keep only what I needed or wanted. Easier said than done. I must confess, there are several drawers in my current home that are in a state of embarrassing clutter.

Clutter is my Kryptonite, it diminishes my executive function superpowers by taking up valuable bandwidth and slowing me down. Why then, have I let my bathroom drawer -the very drawer I go into first thing in the morning to grab a hair clip before I wash my face – become a toxic miasma of random unrelated stuff? I don’t even know when or how it got this way, it just did, and that’s on me.

In said catch all drawer were several items that had no business being there: old band-aids, expired Mucinex (2009!) and, a jewelry making tool I’ve used to repair my husband’s braces. Taking everything out, tossing the useless, sorting and pairing like items, I literally removed blockage, physical and mental, that was cluttering my space every morning.

Ten minutes is all it takes to clean and organize a catch all drawer, and it feels fantastic. The very act of tidying, and putting things where they belong, is super freeing and creates a sense of harmony. There is a huge psychological benefit to keeping the spaces we inhabit orderly and filled with useful, beautiful and sentimental things – tidy space, tidy mind. I challenge you to clean one drawer today, and harness the magic of imposing order on even the smallest of your spaces.

Magic Of Cleaning The Catch All Drawer Catch All Drawer

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