Do you like wine?

I do; in fact, I love wine! I love the ritual of sipping wine with friends; I love the way wine can enhance a dining experience when paired nicely with food; and, I adore sparkling wine and the way the bubbles make anything seem like a celebration.

In the past few years, however, I have had too many “bad wine” experiences. These “bad wines” have been at all price points. It has been frustrating to find myself with a “wine-over,” after only having a glass or two.

The problem is that most wine is loaded with undesirable ingredients; like added sugar, pesticides, gluten, and large amounts of sulfites — just to name a few. Grapes are on the Environmental Working Group’s “Dirty Dozen” list; meaning they are grown with excessive amounts of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and fungicides — the residue of which ends up in your glass of wine. This makes what should be a health-positive sip, a fattening, inflammation causing, bad habit.

If you have ever traveled in Europe and enjoyed the delicious wines served generously at every meal, you know what a difference clean-crafted wines make. I remember a week in Paris where my friend Karen and I had an excel spreadsheet of everyplace we wanted to eat, and a map to make sure we worked each neighborhood to the culinary max. We basically ate and drank our way through Paris, and never felt bad or had “wine-overs.” When I got home, I was thrilled to find I had actually lost a few pounds. That’s the benefit of drinking wine with no inflammation causing ingredients and no added sugars – wine as it was intended to be.

I recently had an experience where 2 glasses of zinfandel had me flat on my back for 24 hours. I could tell when we were leaving the restaurant that I was going to feel bad — it was almost like I drank poison. It wasn’t the wine, it was the unnecessary chemical additives that made me sick.

We are all trying to make good choices about what we put in and on our bodies, and that should include wine.

I am always telling people to drink organic wine; but guess what? It can be hard to find. You might be unsure how it will taste, or exactly what you are getting.

Complicating things further, organic wine and natural wine are two different things — organic wine can have added sugar and gluten. UGH! So confusing!

I backed off from from drinking wine because I had too many headaches and feeling sh*tty experiences; it always seemed like a crap shoot to drink wine by the glass or drink the wine served by unknowing friends. I retreated to tequila; which has unique sugars called agavins, that support healthy insulin and don’t spike blood sugars. I still love tequila, but there are times when I also crave a nice glass of wine on a Thursday night and don’t feel like a cocktail.

Now for the good news!

I found a company the sources clean-crafted natural wines, tests them for purity, and certifies exactly what you are getting. AND, they’re delicious!

Even better, this is a direct to consumer way of buying wine. There are reviews and flavor profiles of the wines, price range for every budget and a 100% money back guarantee. OMG, too good to be true!

I am excited to be offering the clean-crafted wines sourced by Scout and Cellar, and I thought you might want to make your wine drinking healthier. These wines are perfect to enjoy over the holidays, to gift to clients, sip with friends, or for your own personal retreat.

I am always trying to help people trade habits that have few or no health benefits for habits that can serve them better. Clean-crafted wine, with no added sugar and chemicals, is a solution that makes your wine drinking healthier. Having it delivered to your door, removes the problem of finding natural wines at local stores.

Click on the link to see the wine selections available and sign-up to open your account.

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