Women have ALWAYS been obsessed with body size and shape.

It’s probably hard-wired into our DNA and has something to do with competing for a mate. Thanks a lot genetics.

But the bigger, badder question is the connection between health and happiness. Will being the size we want deliver the goods when it comes to being happy?

As a wellness coach, being healthy is my #1 priority for all my clients. I help them establish the conditions that support a healthy life and then address the issues of aging, stress, energy, sleep, and the literal elephant in the room: weight.

Once you feel good in your body, you want to stay there. This state is called homeostasis, and it’s the place where your body is in balance, supporting all of your vital metabolic processes. It’s a happy place.

But many women are not in a happy place when it comes to their bodies and weight.

The shocking statistics are this: A December Gallup survey showed the obesity rate increased by 6 percentage points from 2019 to its current level of 38.4%.

Enter the new breed of weight loss drugs designed to address obesity, but are also being widely used off-label as a weight loss treatment for anyone with the means.

Responding to “diet culture” with medication doesn’t address the underlying root cause of the problem. The Standard American Diet is horrible for us! It’s packed with addictive ultra-processed foods, high in added sugars and salt, that raise the risk of heart disease, stroke, and some cancers, even in those who aren’t overweight.

Unhealthy habits rob us of wellness and vitality and steal our joy!
It’s hard to be happy if you are unhealthy. Period!

The pressure on women of all ages to achieve society’s ideal body shape by using every means available is real. And now there’s a tempting quick fix, and even Oprah is taking the jab to lose weight.

These new weight loss medications and a healthy lifestyle are not mutually exclusive. The package inserts explicitly state these drugs should be prescribed in combination with increased physical activity and a reduced-calorie diet.

Big Pharma and medical professionals everywhere gloss over the healthy lifestyle part. Whatever you decide about these new weight-loss medications, understand they are NOT a long-term solution for making you healthier and, therefore, happier.

True health is so much more than a number on the scale. I encourage every woman to prioritize wellness as part of a healthy weight-loss journey.

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