My mother had arthritis in her hands. Enlarged finger joints, bump where her thumb and wrist met, some twists at the top of the fingers on her right hand and some occasional locking up of the knuckles..

After years of being a culinary professional and overusing my dominant right hand I was starting to experience some of the same signs of arthritis as my mom.

Worse, I was experiencing discomfort in my hands during all-important yoga. NOT OK!

So, down the rabbit hole of research I went on a quest to find foods associated with a decrease in inflammation and levels of arthritis biomarkers.

Which led me to the Mediterranean Diet.

One of the things I find particularly interesting is the well documented role extra-virgin olive oil plays as a health-promoting components of the Mediterranean Diet.

Aside from being a source of heart-healthy monounsaturated fatty acids, olive oil, especially extra virgin olive oil, is a rich source of polyphenols, which are anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antioxidant, gut-supporting, anti-diabetic, cancer fighting molecules!

Polyphenols are the compounds naturally found in fruits, vegetables, and spices that optimize how the body responds to many diseases by connecting with various receptors, membranes, and enzymes and activating beneficial healing and restoring capabilities in the body.


One of the most-studied polyphenols in extra virgin olive oil is something called Oleocanthal.

Oleocanthal is prized for its anti-inflammatory properties. It’s even been shown to have some of the same benefits as the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug ibuprofen. Because inflammation is a major part of joint degenerative diseases such as arthritis, researchers are exploring Oleocanthal as a potential alternative to NSAIDs, as these medications do address pain in the short term ,but without actually reversing the condition and they have some nasty side effects.

Which led me to Kyoord medicinal grade olive oil that is scientifically proven to contain up to ten times more phenols that average olive oil and contains one of the highest concentrations of Oleocanthal ever recorded.

For the ultimate absorption of the healing molecules I take a tablespoon every morning on an empty stomach. This may sound crazy, but in many Mediterranean countries taking a shot of olive oil an age-old wellness ritual.

Perhaps you remember taking cod liver oil as a child? This is similar. Nature is filled with healing solutions, when we know where to look. You can learn more about Kyoord here.

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I always order at least three bottles because I end up giving them as gifts to friends and family interested in the anti-inflammatory healing power of phenols.

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