Diet culture influenced many of us to reduce calories to lose weight and in doing so, cut back on healthy protein and fat intake.

Staying strong, energized and mobile are essential skills for aging like a boss and active grandparenting.

As we age, we need to consume protein from food faster than our bodies can break it down.

Muscle mass peaks in our 30s, and then a slow decline starts. Muscle loss, also called sarcopenia, affects more than 45% of mature Americans, especially women.

Many women are under-muscled, and cutting back on calories to manage weight diminishes bone and muscle mass. Your body takes what it needs from your bones and muscles if it’s not getting enough protein from your diet. In a nutshell, not consuming enough protein can lead to bone loss.

Protein is critically important because it’s in all our cells — including muscle cells — and our bodies constantly recycle it. There’s a steady demand for protein-rich foods to provide the amino acids that become the building blocks of the new proteins our bodies need.

So what’s a girl to do?

Here is my superhack for fighting bone loss and adding 50 grams of additional protein to your daily diet. Watch here to see how to do it.

Looking for a plant-based option? Try this one ingredient: plant protein, which you can add to nut milk to make a high-protein drink! Here’s the link to buy it!

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