A decade ago, I would NEVER have imagined I would be in the best shape of my life at 65!

It’s incredible how one thing can flip the switch to make you decide to get up off your butt and do more.

The universe slapped me in the face in 2012 when I got my cancer diagnosis.

It was Valentine’s Day after my mother died from breast cancer, and needless to say, it freaked me out.

Worse, both my endocrinologist and husband were both out of town when the lab tech said, “It’s cancer.”

I couldn’t reach my people, so I did what many women do in times of stress: I went shopping.

Then I called a very smart friend who talked me off the ledge with a phone hug.

I still have the shoes I bought that day. I call them my F U Cancer shoes.

Needless to say, I doubled down on my health and started theculinarycure.com as a resource for other women experiencing real-life struggles in midlife.

And now, 12 years later, I doubled down again, the impetus…becoming a grandparent!

All the people who shared valuable information with me about the wonders of grandparenting failed to mention how freaking physically taxing it is.

The universe has a brilliant plan for us.

When you think it’s time to slow down and take it easy, you get a scary diagnosis or some adorable grandkids, and you are inspired to do what ever it takes to knock it out of the ballpark.

Active grandparenting and active aging mean you do the work required to keep doing all the things you love to the best of your ability for as long as possible.

Today can be your Day One; make it the first day of living your most inspired life!

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You are NEVER too old, and it’s NEVER too late to get in better shape, love how you look and feel, and have the energy for what matters most.


I am a passionate advocate for food as medicine, life navigator and culinary coach. This is my space for sharing what excites, inspires and motivates me to live my best life. It began as a recipe blog for nourishing, simple, weekday meals and has become something much bigger… a guide to resilient wellness. I am excited to share my knowledge of how daily habits can cumulatively help you to live like you mean it and age like you want to.