Growing up in the 70’s was so much fun!

We had the BEST music, from soft rock to disco. We went to concerts and danced constantly; the world felt more settled and less scary.

I LOVE dancing. I am not shy on the dance floor, and it’s a great workout. Now, I dance primarily at weddings and with grandchildren; such is life.

Our favorite songs arouse emotions, memories, and even physiological responses like dilated pupils and increased pulse and blood pressure. There is also increased activity in the cerebellum, the brain region associated with movement like dancing.

Interestingly, these intense reactions occur just before our favorite parts of songs, in the so-called “anticipatory phase.” This build-up of anticipation, along with expectations in musical patterns, is what primarily heightens our enjoyment and engages our brains.

It’s a good thing to engage our brains in many different ways as we age.

Listen To Music From Your Past This Weekend:

If you love all the great 70’s sounds, listen to the soundtrack for Pricilla Queen Of The Desert. It’s a happy blast from the past and will get you moving.

Practice This Mobility Move For Active Aging:

Your dancing days are not behind you!

Watch this video to learn how to strengthen your lower back to do the Hustle or lift a grandchild.

Cook Something Delicious:

Surprise! Radishes are delicious when you bake them.

Try my easy recipe for Oven-Baked Radishes and take advantage of spring’s bounty. Oh, and be sure to wash, chop, and saute the greens in butter to sprinkle on top. They are the most nutritious part of the radish and quite tasty.

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