I am Kristen, and I developed resilience at my lowest point. My seemingly perfect life fell apart when things beyond my control sent me into a downward spiral. I was diagnosed with cancer, fighting depression, in debt, struggling in my marriage, and trying to maintain a “normal” life for my family. 

Being spiritually depleted, health compromised and emotionally drained sucked the joy from my life. All my energy went into getting through each day – leaving me exhausted and spent. Things felt hopeless.

So, I changed the only thing I could –me.

By letting go of things I couldn’t control I was able to free up space for things I could. I doubled down on the power of food to detox my life, strengthen my body, and fuel my dreams. One bite at a time, I created a life of passion and purpose.

I took the simple daily habit of eating, made it a superpower, and changed my future.

Food changed my life, and it can change yours, too!

Are You Ready?