Adding more years to your life, and more life to your years sure sounds good — doesn’t it? I like the idea of living younger longer, and I am always interested to learn about habits and behaviors that can improve my life and bring me joy. This is especially important because we live in a time of distracting technologies; that gobble up our precious time and overwhelm us with too much information. As it turns out, the secrets to longevity lie not in modern technology, but in more simple ways.

There are places in the world known as Blue Zones; where people consistently live longer and healthier than any place else on earth. It is interesting to note that, even though the Blue Zones are located in different countries and continents, they all have certain things in common that contribute to the happiness and longevity of their people. It would appear that many of our modern advances actually distance us from the very behaviors that the people in the Blue Zones enjoy and that keep them living younger.

8 healthy life style habits to help you live younger longer

  1. Exercise like you mean it. Exercise keeps us younger on a cellular level.
  2. Sense of purpose. Statistically, people who find meaning and purpose in their lives live up to 7 years longer.
  3. Deal with stress. Meditate, reflect, sleep more and sleep better. People with long lives manage stress, it does not manage them.
  4. Eat less. Stop eating when you are 80 percent full. Blue Zoners enjoy their food; they savor it, and the pleasure of dining with others.
  5. Eat a plant based diet. Your diet should be largely organic plant based, include beans and just a little bit of meat.
  6. Moderate alcohol consumption. 1-2 drinks a day are enjoyed in the Blue Zones. Good news — moderate alcohol drinkers tend to outlive non-drinkers. Shop clean-crafted wine™, right here online.
  7. Friends and Community. Surround your self with positive people who support you. Find a faith-based service to which you can relate. Attending such services 4 times a month can add 4-14 years to your life.
  8. Invest in your family. Support your family with your time and love. Strong family bonds can add years to your life.

Being conscious of your present circumstances puts you in the best position to adopt new patterns of behavior that can contribute to a longer happier life. Once you organize these 8 areas of your life to support how you want to live, now and for the foreseeable future, time will slow down. You will be less distracted and able to live more in the present. While these are 8 tips for living longer, they can help you live better and enjoy every minute of your life.

I am a passionate advocate for food as medicine, life navigator and culinary coach. This is my space for sharing what excites, inspires and motivates me to live my best life. It began as a recipe blog for nourishing, simple, weekday meals and has become something much bigger… a guide to resilient wellness. I am excited to share my knowledge of how daily habits can cumulatively help you to live like you mean it and age like you want to.