Food is an important message you send your body that triggers a chemical response telling it  what to do.

By adding certain foods to your diet you can more easily lose weight, prevent disease and feel amazing. Here are 3 superfoods for healthful vitality that deliver.

  1. Eat more healthy fats: Omega-3 fatty acids help to stabilize your mood, maintain bone density, and prevent the visible signs of aging by reducing inflammation in the body. Omega-3 fatty acids also help the body’s enzymes to burn more stored fat for fuel instead of keeping it in your belly or hips. Good food sources include fatty fish (like salmon), walnuts, chia seeds and flax seeds.
  2. Sip some green tea: Green tea has remarkable health and anti-aging properties. Green tea is loaded with compounds that block the signaling network that is linked to the progression of several cancers. It has the added benefit of boosting your metabolism, and just one cup a day is linked to mental sharpness.
  3. Add Pomegranate seeds. These little wonders are packed with health and beauty benefits. Pomegranate seeds have been linked to lower cholesterol and blood pressure, a reduced risk of Alzheimers disease, and prevention of some forms of cancer. Best of all, they have super antioxidant benefits that help to protect the skin from the damage caused by the sun’s UV rays. Sprinkle them on oatmeal, almond milk yogurt, and salads. Sip on pomegranate juice, or use it as a mixer to add some health benefits to your favorite cocktail.

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