21 Day Detox & Reset With The Culinary Cure

A program that meets you at the intersection of lifestyle and wellness to create habits for living younger, longer and better. Daily lessons, group support and a plan that works to address belly bloat, brain fog, cravings, crappy sleep and so much more.
It’s time to stop procrastinating and start doing the things that help you build a body you love that loves you back.
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21 day detox

Benefits of the 21 Day Detox & Reset

The 21 Day Detox & Reset is designed to help you take an active role in your health and feel like “yourself” again. This is a practical, proven program to boost energy, improve sleep, elevate mood, balance hormones, dial down inflammation and manage a healthy weight.

Every time we eat, we are choosing to support or diminish the healing capabilities of our bodies. 

What we eat and drink can have a profound effect on our health, happiness, and productivity. Healing our bodies also helps to heal our minds. As humans, we are an ecosystem. When all areas of our bodies work as they are designed, we look good, feel great and stay well. When one area is out of sync, it affects everything.

We no longer feel bullet-proof, our bodies don’t respond like they use to, and we feel old.

We spend a tremendous amount of time being all things to all people, giving and doing; often in ways that neglect our own emotional and physical needs.

One day we wake-up and find ourselves depleted and burned out — struggling with brain fog, restless sleep, weight gain, lack of energy, mood swings and wondering where the joy went. I know because I have been there.

I endured a decade of soul-sucking stress that left me a husk of my former self.

It felt like everything that could go wrong did.

My mother passed away after a long battle with breast cancer. Two years later, my father died from Alzheimer’s disease. There were ongoing financial and emotional challenges in my marriage that created a constant undercurrent of stress. The last kid went off to college, bittersweet and heart wrenching, and then my beloved dog died. A year later I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. My once vibrant, busy life turned into days of going through the motions. I was drinking too much coffee and wine, and not enough water and green tea. There were too many carbs and sugars and not enough vegetables and hours at the gym. Sleep was non-existent. Stress was omni-present.

One day I literally “woke up” and and decided I had had enough.

There were things within my control; little, every-day things that could impact me positively and create momentum. I didn’t just want to feel better, I wanted to BE better — truly alive, connected to my life and crazy passionate about every day.

I focused on the power of food to heal my body, I paid attention to how my thoughts influenced my feelings and relationships. I was careful to spend time with people who were positive and supportive. Exercise became non-negotiable and I made a very conscious decision to let go of things that were blocking the flow of happiness and abundance in my life.

Years of busy living takes a toll. Our routines become everyone else’s to-do lists, and we lose touch with the physical, emotional, and spiritual self with whom we identify most. We have been the super fixers, magic makers, cheer leaders and team builders for everyone — but ourselves.

The second half of your life is a time to recalibrate, turn our energy and passion around and embrace the possibilities that exist for us in the years ahead.

It’s our turn, and now is the time to snatch your routine from the jaws of mediocrity. By making a commitment to positive change, and aligning our actions with our big picture goals everything becomes possible.

We can choose to have a high quality of life — and that starts with what is on the end of our fork. If we take control of our food choices it can change our bodies, minds, and spirits. It becomes the starting point for something so much bigger.

What and how we eat matters. Our habits around food need to help us, not harm us. There is NO room in the second half of our lives for willful ignorance and making excuses for hanging on to behaviors that do not serve us. NOW is an opportunity to create the habits that will help us become the best version of ourselves.

I created this 21 Day Detox & Reset to teach you how to rethink your relationship with food and push your body in ways you normally haven’t.

It’s also part of questioning the world and life in general. Why do we eat at the times we do? Who said this works for everybody? Why do I need medication for diseases caused by lifestyle? These are conventions. Challenging them should be part of our role as human beings. We need to realize that the life ahead of us deserves the best of us. If not now, when?

This plan helps reset the body with healthy, nourishing food; and detox with supplements that remove toxins from organs, the lymphatic system, and cells. When we create the “right” kinds of daily habits our bodies and minds become more resilient. I’m going to give you accessible and easy guidelines on how to make this plan work for you and become a lifestyle you can embrace, forever.

So much can happen in 21 Days.

We can boost our metabolism, increase energy, support mental clarity, enhance libido, sleep better, and more. The 21 Day Detox & Reset is a way to start fresh and set new wellness goals. I like to Detox and Reset several times a year to stay on track, feel great and have energy for the things that matter to me.

The next 21 Days will improve your relationship with food, restore the good bacteria in your gut and help you lose weight. It also helps to balance and regulate hormones, which is crucial for wellbeing. I love the 21 Day Detox & Reset because of how amazing I feel every time I do it. I am excited for you to feel amazing too!

21 day detox and reset

Join the 21 Day Detox & Reset.

Prioritize your most valuable asset, wellness, and enjoy the life changing benefits: Improved sleep, fewer cravings, less belly bloat and brain fog, more energy, a healthier weight and relationship with food.

drink as much green tea as you want with the culinary cure eating plan
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Registration for the 21 Day Detox & Reset closes on Oct 1, 2021. 

When you invest in the 21 Day Detox & Reset you receive:

  • The 21 Day Detox & Reset guide
  • Approved list of foods for the program
  • Instructions for the pre-work
  • Recipes
  • Hydration practice guide
  • Link to order supplements*
  • Zoom links
  • Invitation to the private Facebook group

 *Supplements can be ordered at cost and are in addition to the guided program.

I did this last year and it was transformational. I had been under alot of prolonged emotional stress. My digestions was terrible, I felt inflamed, exhausted and anxious. I stuck to Kristen’s plan and honestly felt amazing afterwards. She is so right about forming new HABITS and ditching old. That was the key for me and having her support to keep me accountable made all the difference. I highly recommend you give this a go. You won’t regret it.

Kim Carillo

I just completed the Culinary Cure Detox and Reset with Kristen. Those 21 days were so amazing. I decided to use the supplements to give the whole process a boost and so glad I did. I feel so much better – it’s remarkable. My mood, energy and skin dramatically improved! Another great benefit was that I lost quite a bit of weight in those 21 days. I recommend you adopt this program as part of your health journey. You will see so many benefits. 

Gloria P.

In good news – I was able to drink 2 to 3.5 L of water a day and I am feeling so optimal. It’s crazy – I’ve never felt this way in my life. I feel like my cells are hydrated, I sleep like a baby, I feel so well rested whether I’ve had 8 hours of sleep or not, and I just have so much energy.

Omg Kristen – the one thing missing in my life has been water.

Thank you for encouraging me! I’m truly grateful.


My weight loss started without fanfare. Without a goal of losing weight. The pandemic lockdown just changed my priorities about exercise and eating better, (as did your daily reminders, which were so helpful!). I started drinking lemon water every morning, not for all the things you usually mention, but because the color was sunny and the aroma so uplifting, every morning. I started examining what I ate and why. Just small adjustments here and there. Drink 100oz. H2O min. Each day. Walk 3-5 miles each day, to take my mind off things. My gym closed, so I’ve been lifting “old school” using my own body weight. I’ve been just trying to be as happy as possible, and grateful for everyday. I think that has lowered my cortisol load tremendously, and also helped with the weight coming off. I eat much less, but much more nutritiously. Occasional treats, and martinis. And MUCH more sleep. Thank you for all the inspiration!!


Thank you Kristen Coffield for the 30 Day Detox & Reset experience and for all your support. You always answered my texts, emails, or social media comments quickly and thoroughly. No question was too mundane. I have learned more than I expected about food as well as habits…good and bad. I plan on participating in another detox this year, but if you will excuse me, for now an artisanal bar of deeply, dark chocolate awaits me.

Ellen D.

FIVE STARS +++ !!!

I took Kristen Coffield’s The Culinary Cure 30-day Detox and Reset (D&R), and I couldn’t be more pleased or grateful that I finally focused on food. I have always prioritized fitness, but had never truly considered the food I had been putting into my body, other than the universally accepted norms regarding calories, carbs, protein, etc.  As I got deeper into the D&R, I found the beneficial and palpable results to be transformative—including improved sleep; enhanced food taste; increased energy; and improved GERDs/reflux (a health challenge and concern), among others. Kristen taught me the power of “food as fuel,” and that what we ingest is the lynchpin for our health and well-being. Kristen made it easy to understand and implement new health supporting habits teaching me to eat healthy, stay fit, and increase my potential to live longer –  The value of this program far exceeds the cost!

Thank you, Kristen!!

Kevin K.

21 Day Detox & Reset with The Culinary Cure
October 11, 2021

Join me in the comfort and the convenience of your own home as I educate and guide you through the program.

  • Receive the 29 page 21 Day Detox & Reset Guide (PDF) which includes delicious, simple recipes, and detailed instructions for creating a hydration practice
  • Educational daily lessons and encouragement starting October 11, 2021
  • Group Zoom meetings with wellness experts and Kristen as your host
  • Facebook Lives with Kristen
  • Effective strategies for maintaining a healthy weight
  • A schedule to follow, after the program that helps you maintain the benefits of the 21 Day Day Detox & Reset
  • A list of foods to avoid for improved health
  • Resources for detoxing your diet, sleep, home, and lifestyle
  • A private support group with privileged access to Kristen for detox advice

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21 day detox and reset